New Burnaby Language Centre marks MOSAIC’s continuous support for newcomers

March 4, 2024

Newcomers to Canada can now access English lessons at MOSAIC’s Burnaby Language Centre at the Metropolis at Metrotown Mall in Burnaby.

On March 1, more than 100 attendees gathered as MOSAIC marked the Grand Opening of its new Burnaby Language Centre, with partners, clients, funders, and guests from municipal, federal and provincial government bodies in attendance.

During the opening ceremony, MOSAIC CEO Olga Stachova expressed her thanks and highlighted the non-profit’s commitment to supporting immigrants and refugees through education and support services. “This new space is wonderfully accessible, in the heart of Burnaby where newcomers can easily reach us. And most importantly, it is part of a welcoming and supportive community of businesses, services, and community organizations,” Stachova remarked, emphasizing the importance of accessible language education in the successful integration of immigrants and refugees into Canadian society.

Positioned strategically within Metropolis at Metrotown, B.C.’s largest shopping mall, this expansion ensures that a greater number of newcomers across the region have access to language programs and services.

The Burnaby Language Centre currently offers 17 classes from LINC 1 to 7, available in the morning, afternoon, and evening, with 280 clients enrolled out of 296 spaces. Enrollment numbers are expected to remain high with waitlists continuing to grow, as Canada plans to welcome 485,000 new permanent residents in 2024, and an additional 500,000 in 2025, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) figures.

The new centre boasts easy access to transportation, onsite childminding services and modern facilities. It is set to become a cornerstone of support, offering comprehensive language instruction and testing services to facilitate the integration of newcomers into Canadian society.

“This language centre in the heart of Burnaby is a vital new resource, continuing MOSAIC’s amazing work! They help to ease the transition for newcomers so they can connect, contribute and thrive as a part of our shared community,” said Mayor Mike Hurley.

Matthew Levan, Senior Manager of Language Services, emphasized the positive impact the centre is expected to have on the community.

“Our center provides a thousand different things, to a thousand different students that walk through our doors,” Levan said. “For some it is straight language; language for citizenship; language for college programs; language for work. For others it is a place of connection. In the coming years we hope to create this inclusive, dynamic, and client centred learning space for thousands more clients who enter our classrooms.”

The Burnaby Language Centre offers Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) Classes, IELTS testing, and affordably priced English classes for temporary residents. Through tailored educational programs, the centre aims to meet the language needs of newcomers, ensuring they have the tools necessary to succeed in their new environment.

MOSAIC provides English classes and tests catering to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced learners, at our facilities in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey. For more information on MOSAIC’s language programs and services, feel free to visit the service page.