Children & Youth

“Mad Fun!!!” shared a participant from Newcomer Youth Popular Theatre (NUYU) Program

November 19, 2019

On Sunday Nov 17, a group of energetic newcomer youth and their family members got together at SFU Surrey Campus to share their experiences of migration, discrimination and struggles. The theatre scenes created and performed by the youth, illustrating personal but shared experience of oppression as newcomer youth, engaged audience to improvise alternative solutions to make the situation better by replacing characters or adding themselves to the play.

“I tried to offer help. I asked if she had any questions and if she needed any other help” said Amro Hmoui, who raised his hand to stop the play and added himself as a helping character to the scene, where two students were rude and ignoring the other newcomer student who didn’t speak English and who looked different.

Now I know what to do if it happens to me, to others, in my school.” NUYU Surrey youth participants raised their hands in agreement.

NUYU brings newcomer youth for 6-8 sessions and creates a safe space for newcomer youth to reflect on personal life challenges and collectively explore positive changes and paths. The program is open to newcomer youth from 16-24 years old.

Currently, the second NUYU series is being offered and the forum will take place on Saturday, November 30th at the Stride Avenue Community School in Burnaby.

More NUYU series is underway in 2020! Stay tuned!

NUYU program is made possible with the funding from Coast Capital Savings, TELUS, and CLICK Foundation.