From Ukraine to Canada: Navigating a new career path with MOSAIC’s guidance

October 24, 2023

A Ukrainian journalist shares his experience after coming to Canada. jobs in canada

 By Zara Khurana, Communications Generalist

In November 2022, Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Umanski’s Canadian journey started when his Canadian visa was approved. On November 23, he was in British Columbia. Several months prior to his arrival in Canada, he had searched the web for housing and jobs in Vancouver. However, he quickly learned the dilemma that many newcomers face in their search for employment. He says, “On my first days in Canada, I realized that when you seek well-paid employment, you are in a catch-22 situation. To get a well-paid job, you need Canadian work experience. But to get Canadian work experience, you need to have a job.”

Things turned around for Yuriy when he came across MOSAIC. Not long after arriving in Canada, he scheduled an appointment with a settlement advisor from MOSAIC, recognizing the need for both settlement and employment services. During his interaction with MOSAIC, he received guidance and resources to adapt to life in Canada. MOSAIC’s Employment Services Advisor, Grace Valentin-Douglas, offered insights into the local job market and effective strategies for enhancing communication with potential employers. Consequently, with Grace’s guidance, he succeeded in securing his first job with the City of Vancouver. jobs in canada

Additionally, thanks to the assistance of MOSAIC’s employment advisor, Carlos Posada, Yuriy participated in the MOSAIC WorkXP Internship Program, a platform connecting internationally educated and experienced immigrant professionals with Canadian employers. Through this program, he secured a paid internship with a Canadian media organization, affording him the opportunity to leverage his Ukrainian journalistic experience in the Canadian media industry.

When he compared this experience as a journalist in Ukraine to his new role in Canada, he observed a huge difference in the demands of the profession. “Each country has its own characteristics of the profession of a journalist. In addition to stylistic features when writing stories in Canada, the range of topics interesting to readers is also different. If in Ukraine, global events are important to readers, then in Canada, they are interested in personal stories.” Yuriy says. Looking ahead to his professional future, Yuriy wants to continue writing stories for various Canadian media outlets once his internship ends.

In offering advice to newcomers starting their career journeys, he emphasizes the importance of embracing the new life in Canada without fear. Yuriy continues, “The first time will be difficult when everything is new and not understandable. You don’t know what to do, or where to go. That’s why it is very important to ask for assistance and advice from such organizations like MOSAIC.” He acknowledges that the challenges newcomers face are temporary and can be navigated with help and guidance. He concludes by saying, “In British Columbia, organizations like MOSAIC play a pivotal role in aiding immigrants as they endeavour to settle and establish themselves in their new home. Always remember all immigrants before you successfully overcame the challenges, and you will too.”