Migrant Workers

Hugo Velazquez recipient of the Hero Excellence Award from CSSEA

September 13, 2023

Hugo Velazquez, Senior Manager of the Community Outreach, Advocacy and Migrant Workers Programs at MOSAIC, was recently named the recipient of the Hero Excellence Award from the Community Social Services Employers’ Association (CSSEA), one of six public sector employers’ associations in British Columbia.

Velazquez says he is humbled to receive the Award, although the real heroes are migrant workers and their families. He says, “I want to thank CSSEA for this award. While I am serving the real heroes, I appreciate the fact that CSSEA is ultimately recognizing the important and valuable work that goes into supporting migrant workers. They are integral to sectors like agriculture, healthcare, construction, and delivery services, contributing significantly to our society, and we acknowledge people such as janitorial staff, receptionists, accountants, and countless others who play vital roles behind the scenes. These individuals often go unnoticed but are instrumental in supporting migrant workers and their families.”

Velazquez highlighted the recent accomplishments of his team and the 26 partner agencies of the Migrant Workers Program in B.C, such as securing emergency funds to aid workers facing abuse or exploitation. Thanks to these efforts, workers can now access temporary shelter, food, and medical support during emergencies, marking a significant step toward their well-being.

Speaking about Velazquez’s award, Doris Sun, Director of Communications at CSSEA, says: “Hugo was chosen for this award because he has gone the extra mile to make a difference in community social services. His tireless commitment to supporting migrant workers in BC impressed our judges, who unanimously endorsed him to receive the award.”

The award will be presented on Thursday, October 26 in Kelowna, B.C. Hero Excellence Award