Finding employment: MOSAIC’s 2022-2023 Annual Report released

September 25, 2023

In 2025, Canada is set to welcome 500,000 immigrants, however, many will face under-employment due to a lack of credential recognition, language barriers, and limited local networks. how to get a job in canada as a newcomer

MOSAIC has made a concerted effort to focus on helping newcomers on their journey to find skills-commensurate employment. This is being done by partnering with employers to offer job training and workplace experience, by helping newcomers access meaningful employment, and by bridging the skills gap.

The journey towards skills-commensurate employment is the focus of MOSAIC’s newly released Annual Report 2022-2023.

Highlights in the Annual Report, include:

  • Client stories of employment success
  • Sector highlights from Family and Settlement, Employment, Language and Social Enterprise
  • Acknowledgement to funders and sponsors
  • Fiscal responsibility report
  • Snapshots featuring MOSAIC at a Glance, as well as clients, staff and volunteers.

“It’s critical that MOSAIC continues to actively advocate for and create solutions that remove employment barriers by building and leveraging trusted partnerships with employers and developing programming that addresses the challenges newcomers face. That’s why MOSAIC invests in building meaningful partnerships with employers across all industry sectors to identify internationally trained candidates, provide employment training and workplace experience as well as support employers in creating inclusive workplaces where diverse talent can thrive,” says Olga Stachova, Chief Executive Officer of MOSAIC.

View the full version of MOSAIC’s 2022-2023 Annual Report. If you are interested in receiving a print copy, please email communications@mosaicbc.org. how to get a job in canada as a newcomer