Graduating class on the right track to permanent employment

August 13, 2020

By Kate Liu, Fast Track to Manufacturing Coordinator, and Sam Seo, Employment Services Advisor

Congratulations to the first virtually trained graduate class of our Fast Track to Manufacturing Program (F2M)!

The group of eight graduated recently after completing a six-week employment and industry-specific skills training program, offered free by MOSAIC to unemployed or underemployed newcomers aged 18-29.

They are ready to enter and thrive in the manufacturing industry.

One of the goals of F2M is to help individuals find and maintain meaningful full-time employment. Funded by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement, the program provides financial assistance to participants by providing a training allowance, transportation costs and support with a job placement.

The training program delivers thee weeks of employment skills training, followed by manufacturing industry focused training. After six weeks, participants are equipped with a fresh resume, new knowledge and skills, and Occupational First Aid and WHMIS certificates.

We really focus on building an individualized action plan for every participant – this is key for job maintenance, as well as meaningful permanent full-time employment after the training.

What impressed us most was how much the group enjoyed the virtual training. Using live sessions and Google classroom, they were able to focus on their career goals and the detailed steps to reach them. They told us that they didn’t know there was so much work to be done on preparing a resume! Our new graduates say they now have clear employment goals and hope for the future.

At a physically distanced social to mark graduation, the group met in person for the first time. It was a great chance for participants to meet, build their own peer support group, keep a positive attitude and encourage each other. The group will also receive ongoing coaching from the F2M team.

Feedback from the virtual graduation class has been encouraging.

Priti wrote, “I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart because it would never have been possible without your help and support. You all were so kind and motivating. I can’t thank you all enough.”

Upon graduating, Joseph said, “I really do appreciate everything you have taught me and have done for me so I can get the job I really wanted. You’re a great advisor, [and I] couldn’t do this without the help.”

Another graduate, Joy, said she feels like she’s a totally different person, and is now more motivated than ever: “I never realized that I have so many hidden skills for a job search.”

At the end of August, we will open the application process for our next training session, which starts Oct. 5. More information can be found at mosaicbc.org/f2m

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