Global network security company shares tips with immigrant job seekers

October 21, 2013

Fortinet Technologies recently told immigrant job seekers at a special presentation at MOSAIC how to go about getting a job with their company.Fortinet is currently looking to hire Hardware, Software, QA and Technical Engineers; Technical Writers, and Web Developers among others.Fiona Ho (Human Resources Generalist at Fortinet) and Steve Fossen (Senior Manager, Security Research and Development at Fortinet) told more than forty job seekers that they need to make sure their résumés have a section on the first page that summarizes their relevant technical skills. This allows the Hiring Manager to quickly see if a candidate has the required qualifications. Information should include the languages they speak and the operating systems and scripting languages they know.The Fortinet representatives also recommended that for each work experience listed on a résumé, applicants state how they used their technical skills to achieve results. A four-to-five page résumé is acceptable if a candidate has extensive experience.Job seekers also learned about Fortinet’s workplace culture, its employee benefits, and the hiring process it uses.Desirable candidates should expect to be tested as part of the application process. All applications must be submitted online.After the presentation, job seekers met one-on-one with Fortinet representatives to present their qualifications and outline their interest in the company.Fortinet Technologies has 35 offices all over the globe and employs more than 2,200 people. For its track record of hiring immigrants, the company received MOSAIC’s 2013 Employer Recognition Award.Fortinet Human Resources Generalist, Fiona Ho, says “the company loves working with MOSAIC clients and we’re always excited to work with internationally trained professionals who bring a wealth of experience from their home countries.”