Finding home: MOSAIC’s 2021-2022 Annual Report released

September 29, 2022

‘Home’ can mean many things to different people – a physical place, a dream for the future, or an intangible ideal found among family and loved ones.

The search for home is the theme of MOSAIC’s newly released Annual Report, a journey that can truly be seen in this year’s cover story focusing on our work with refugees. From innovative housing solutions for privately sponsored refugees to a brand-new, province-wide housing database for refugee claimants, helping clients to find home is an ongoing and ever-changing process for our Refugee Settlement and Integration Program (RSIP) team.

As part of the cover story, you’ll read about Farkhonda Rajabe, MOSAIC’s Afghan Response Initiative Coordinator who first entered Canada as a refugee claimant. Starting at MOSAIC as a volunteer, she now works to facilitate the private sponsorship of Afghan refugees and helps others in their search for home.

Beyond our cover story, many more highlights stand out from the 2021-2022 report, including:

  • MOSAIC served 20,000+ unique clients from 139 countries
  • 8,480+ hours were provided by 289 MOSAIC volunteers
  • 400+ full and part-time staff supported clients in 33 languages
  • 2,700+ job seekers supported by our Employment, Language and Social Enterprise team
  • 1,000+ employer partners

“This past year has been one of tremendous change and growth for our organization. Together, we have made a difference in the emerging needs of immigrants and refugees, and are proud to welcome all to their new home here in Canada,” said Olga Stachova, Chief Executive Officer of MOSAIC.

View the full version of MOSAIC’s 2021-2022 Annual Report. If you are interested in receiving a print copy, please email