Spotlight: Metro Vancouver – Employer Recognition Award 2024

June 25, 2024

MOSAIC is honoured to present the 2024 MOSAIC Employer Recognition Award to Metro Vancouver, celebrating their leadership in promoting multiculturalism and equity in the workplace.

Metro Vancouver is a diverse organization that plans for and delivers regional utility services, including water, sewers and wastewater treatment, and solid waste management. It also regulates air quality, plans for urban growth, manages a regional parks system, provides affordable rental housing, and serves as a regional federation. In collaboration with their members, Metro Vancouver has three broad roles: deliver core services, plan for the future, and serve as a municipal forum for the discussion of significant community issues at the regional level.

Driven by the need to maintain high service standards, accommodate regional growth (with an estimated 50,000 new residents each year), and comply with regulatory requirements, Metro Vancouver is committed to cultivating a diverse, safe, equitable, and inclusive work environment.

Since partnering with MOSAIC in 2022 as a WorkXP Program employer partner and advisory committee member, Metro Vancouver has expanded its talent pool and reinforced its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through this partnership, Metro Vancouver launched the Canadian Work Experience Program, offering five-month work assignments to new immigrant professionals. This program addresses unemployment and underemployment among newcomers and bridges the gap between their international education and Canadian professional experience.

“We recognize the barriers newcomers to Canada may face in gaining employment within their area of international experience and education, when they don’t have experience in a Canadian work environment. To ease that transition, Metro Vancouver reserves specific positions, through our Canadian Work Experience program, for the primary purpose of providing low-barrier opportunities for internationally trained professionals to gain their first Canadian work experience. Our hope is that this experience opens up doors for them to qualify for additional job opportunities. Providing these opportunities also affords Metro Vancouver access to a very high-caliber talent pool,” stated Maggie Boak, Manager, Talent Management & Organization Development.

Several newcomers have found employment at Metro Vancouver through the partnership with MOSAIC. For example, two internationally trained engineers secured permanent Assistant Project Engineer roles, while another participant gained a 12-month opportunity in the Internationally Trained Engineers program, helping them achieve their Professional Engineering designation in BC.

Besides the Canadian Work Experience Program, Metro Vancouver supports employees from diverse backgrounds through various initiatives. These include the Internationally Trained Engineers Program, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Champion Network, related training offerings, Mentoring Partnerships Program, Emerging Professional Peer Mentoring Group, multi-faith rooms, and parent spaces.

Looking ahead, Metro Vancouver aims to continue supporting and integrating newcomers into its workforce, striving to remain an employer of choice. The organization is also involved in various community initiatives, such as programs offered by Metro Vancouver Regional Parks and partnerships of Metro Vancouver Housing with organizations like the Immigrant Link Centre Society, to support the integration and well-being of newcomers.

Congratulations and thanks to Metro Vancouver for their dedication to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all. Read more about the awards here.