Spotlight: Providence Health: Setting the Standard as MOSAIC’s Employer of the Year 2023

June 30, 2023

By Zara Khurana, Communications Generalist 

MOSAIC was honoured to present the Employer of the Year 2023 Award to Providence Health Care. This award, presented on June 15, recognizes an employer who provides a workplace that supports the principles of multiculturalism and employment equity. Providence Health Care is a healthcare provider, operating 18 sites across the Lower Mainland. They employ over 8,000 staff and medical staff to offer healthcare services in hospitals or long-term care facilities. They are known for their focus on social justice and have a strong commitment to developing and championing a diverse workforce that is committed to compassion, excellence, and innovation.

Providence Health partners with local organizations including MOSAIC to help make employment more accessible for all Canadians. Their partnership with MOSAIC supports that attempt to open doors and dismantle employment barriers that many new Canadians face. This partnership also makes it easier for the application to know about employment options in healthcare. MOSAIC and Providence Health have been working together for the past decade and that is what makes this award extra special for us as an organization. As Rubina Mahal, Director of Recruitment, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion puts it, “This is a proud moment for Providence. We have worked with Mosaic for 10 years, it’s been our continued partner, and we have worked together to support each other’s initiatives. It feels good to help new Canadians, open doors for them, and help them get over the employment barriers. Providence hopes to continue this relationship.”

Rubina emphasizes the importance of the skills and values that immigrants bring to the workforce. According to her, newcomers to Canada have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. “There’s a worldly understanding that new Canadians can offer any employer. Providence is lucky to gain this perspective and diverse workforce. When we meet candidates from MOSAC we are able to focus on their skill set and help them find the perfect job. As noted before, it is Providence that benefits in the end from the new wealth of potential talent wanting to work with us.” she says. Additionally, Providence ensures that the patients coming to them are comfortable, safe, and secure, and see representation in their care provider or support staff! With this knowledge and commitment to the community, Providence Healthcare hopes to continue building relationships with MOSAIC and provide equal and fair opportunities for many more newcomers.

Once again, congratulations and gratitude to Providence Health for being a beacon of inclusion and endless opportunities. Read more about the awards here