Migrant Workers

Emergency Fund launched for migrant workers

May 1, 2022

Migrant workers put food on our tables, care for our loved ones, and help build our communities. Yet, when an emergency strikes, migrant workers don’t have the same access to support and benefits.

In response, MOSAIC has launched a special campaign seeking support for its Migrant Workers Emergency Fund.

This new fund will support migrant workers in dire situations. For example, MOSAIC’s Migrant Workers Program recently assisted workers that decided to leave abusive employment conditions by helping them find temporary accommodation, employment elsewhere and notify the relevant authorities. In another case, a migrant worker who was injured on the job, and was subsequently terminated, was assisted with the cost of his emergency dental treatment.

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is now running across Canada to bring attention to the value migrant workers bring to our economy, and the urgent need to help.

“Canada needs over 400,000 migrant workers to fill employment gaps and sustain our growing economy,” noted Hugo Velazquez, MOSAIC’s senior manager responsible for the Migrant Workers Program. “MOSAIC provides support and benefits to migrant workers, but we need your support to sustain this fund, and champion the importance of migrant workers.”

To support migrant workers and make a tax-deductible donation, donate now.

Watch the PSA here.