Children & Youth

Coast Capital Savings is building a richer future for youth

July 3, 2018

Thanks to a $10,000 grant from Coast Capital Savings, MOSAIC’s Newcomer Youth Popular Theatre program (NuYu) will continue to engage and empower immigrant and refugee youth in Metro Vancouver.

“We are very grateful that newcomer youth are encouraged and supported by our community,” stated Marc Larrivée, Senior Manager, Specialized Programs. “Youth are empowered through this support. Future leaders are learning and developing their skills through compassionate guidance at MOSAIC’s Youth Program.”

NuYu uses popular theatre methodology as a tool to engage youth to share the challenges they face during their settlement process. The program creates a space for youth to collectively develop positive solutions to the challenges presented in the scenes by their peers. During the course of the program, youth create scenes which reflect real-life situations around issues such as racism, isolation and bullying. The scenes are then shared at community forums where audience members are given the opportunity to provide solutions to the challenges presented.

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