Migrant Workers

CLAC Foundation commits $100k to migrant workers

May 18, 2022

MOSAIC’s Migrant Workers Emergency Fund has received an incredible $100,000 commitment from the CLAC Foundation that will have a major impact for migrant workers.

Officially announced during a recent cheque presentation event, the funding represents the largest contribution the CLAC Foundation has made to any organization.

The event was attended by both CLAC and MOSAIC staff, including CLAC Foundation Program Manager Dan VanKeeken, MOSAIC CEO Olga Stachova, and MOSAIC’s Senior Manager of Community Outreach, Advocacy, and Migrant Worker Programs Hugo Velazquez.

“The funding has just begun, and it is already changing the lives of migrant workers in our province. It means that a migrant worker facing flooding, fires, an abusive employer, or any other emergency can get the help they need from our Migrant Workers team immediately,” said Hugo Velazquez, Senior Manager of Community Outreach, Advocacy and Migrant Worker Programs.

The CLAC Foundation is the charitable arm of CLAC, a Canadian union representing more than 60,000 workers across the country. They provide a wide range of training and employment opportunities to individuals and families in Canada, including new immigrants and the homeless.

MOSAIC’s Migrant Workers Program (MWP) team frequently supports workers going through difficult situations – like Byron, who came from Guatemala as a skilled construction worker, but ended up in an abusive employment situation. Through the MWP, he was able to get help with medical care, interpretation services, groceries, and more.

“I was living in fear and was very afraid…MOSAIC has always responded to my questions or provided support even in the late evening. They’ve been very supportive of my journey to Canada,” he said.

The Migrant Workers Emergency Fund campaign is ongoing and needs donations from other organizations and individuals.  Please support more migrant workers like Byron today!