Supporting racialized women: The PWWS success stories

September 18, 2023

By Zara Khurana, Communications Generalist career for woman

MOSAIC has an existing program that offers career support for racialized women. The Preparing Women and Workplaces for Success Program (PWWS) is a free employment program that provides women with paid employment readiness training, certifications, and financial support to succeed in different sectors.

Ya Ling Lai and Tina Maria Jabri came to Canada and quickly found themselves lost, confused, and anxious. Read how that changed when they became PWWS clients.

Ya Ling Lai, who arrived in Canada from Taiwan in July 2022, found herself facing personal and professional adjustments. Her journey involved adapting to a new lifestyle and the need to obtain additional professional certifications to continue her teaching career, all while dealing with language barriers and self-doubt. The PWWS program offered industry insights and networking opportunities. Ya Ling had the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, visit childcare centres, gain insights into the Canadian educational landscape, and acquire essential skills and knowledge. The program provided her with a first aid certificate and taught her effective communication with children. With MOSAIC’s guidance, Ya Ling felt prepared to take on her career journey, from building her resume to understanding the Canadian workplace culture.

career for woman

Tina Maria Jabri has a similar story. Arriving in Canada in March 2023 from Lebanon, Tina had a background in film production and directing, along with dreams of a better life. She came from a country suffering from economic collapse and was glad to be in Canada. Joining the PWWS program, Tina started learning about the Canadian professional world, focusing on soft skills, capacity building, and conflict management — areas that she had never explored before. career for woman

What set PWWS apart for Tina was the personalized approach. The program staff took the time to understand her unique needs and background, tailoring a plan to help her grow both professionally and personally. Tina’s career journey included networking opportunities and participation in MOSAIC’s WorkXP program, which eventually led her to secure a job in administration and filmmaking. The WorkXP Internship Program is designed to link internationally educated and experienced immigrant professionals with Canadian employers. The program’s primary objectives are to connect newcomers to Canada with job positions that match their international work backgrounds and education, assist Canadian employers in cultivating a diverse pool of talents, and offer networking opportunities across different industries. Tina credits PWWS and WorkXP with equipping her with essential skills and a project manager’s mindset, setting her on a path to a fulfilling career in Canada.

Olga Zamudio Prieto, the PWWS coordinator says, “I am proud of both of them and so many other PWWS participants. We designed our programs putting the clients first but no program will succeed without the active participation and commitment of our clients. We feel so grateful and fortunate to have crossed paths with so many talented, strong and keen participants and we root for them in each step of their careers.”

The Preparing Women and Workplaces for Success Program is a testament to the power of education, support, and community. Through the experiences of Ya Ling Lai and Tina Maria Jabri, and many others, this program supports racialized women seeking success in different sectors. This program ends in October 2023.