Call for applications: MOSAIC Awards 2024

January 25, 2024

Applications are now open for a chance to apply for thousands of dollars in scholarships provided by MOSAIC.

MOSAIC offers a variety of scholarships for immigrants and refugees in a celebration of diversity and inclusion, and supports refugees and immigrants in realizing their educational goals and recognizing their efforts in advocacy. Awards applications are open until April 30, 2024.

“Many people are going through their own struggles, each with unique challenges,” said Shler Ali, after she received the Ann & Jo-Ann Sobkow scholarship at the MOSAIC Awards in 2023. “Organizations like MOSAIC truly make a difference, offering invaluable support that positively shapes the lives of those they touch.”

Awards and scholarships being :

MOSAIC Educational Enhancement Awards – The MOSAIC Awards Committee will award five recipients with a $5,000 scholarship to pursue academic and vocational studies.

Eyob G. Naizghi Scholarship Award – This $5,000 scholarship is awarded to a female refugee towards their leadership development via education and training.

Ann & Jo-Ann Sobkow Award – The $3,000 scholarship will be awarded to a refugee over 25 years of age to financially support their education in a helping profession.

Dr. Kes Chetty Education Award – An award of $1,000 will go to three recipients each who aim to pursue academic or vocational studies.

The Goodell Scholarship – The Goodell Scholarship is open to students currently enrolled in Grade 12 at a public secondary school in British Columbia. Applicants must be planning to pursue a post-secondary Bachelor’s degree at university and demonstrate financial need. Award may be renewed yearly to receive $2,000 per year over four consecutive years.

Human Rights Award – This award is presented to a person that has made a significant contribution in the field of human rights and ethnic relations, and in the field of humanitarianism, and has not been already recognized.

Employer Recognition Award – Selected from BC employers that have participated in MOSAIC employment programs, this award is presented to a BC employer for creating a workplace that supports the principles of multiculturalism and employment equity.

Individuals can fill out applications on their own behalf or nominate another person. Learn more and apply. For any questions, please email

The MOSAIC Awards is presented by RBC, with community sponsor Global BC.