5th Annual Multicultural Seniors Day Brings Smiles to Hundreds

November 2, 2017

Approximately 250 seniors participated in our 5th Annual Multicultural Seniors Day, held at the Maritime Labour Centre on October 28, 2017.

This year’s event was hosted by MOSAIC Settlement Program in partnership with Allies in Aging, and funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

The theme of the day was about making social connections and breaking out of social isolation. It was a day filled with fun and learning as the seniors took in cultural performances, knowledge workshops, information booths, and interactive activities.

The event began with an opening prayer by Latash-Maurice Nahanee, an elder from the Squamish Nation. Latash went on to share his rich culture with the audience, engaging our seniors in a round of singing and rhythmic clapping. Various multicultural performances by the Afghan, Chinese and Kurdish groups ran throughout the remainder of the day.

This year’s event was marked by a multitude of learning opportunities and interactive activities.

Information booths were populated by various community agencies, all of which have a special focus on seniors’ needs and welfare. They brought with them an abundance of information and resources, giving our seniors an opportunity to learn about the programs and services available to them in the community.

Knowledge workshops were a new and exciting piece that was added to this year’s Seniors Day. Through these workshops, attendees learned about the risk factors of social isolation and discussed possible preventative measures and solutions. Lively discussions ensued, in which attendees shared their experiences and discussed ways that we can help our friends, family, and neighbours break out of social isolation.

A variety of interactive activities were available as well throughout the day. The ever-exciting photo booth and button-making activities were brought back by popular demand. New to the event this year was chair yoga, art mural, community mapping, and knitting demonstrations. The art mural garnered plenty of attention as seniors left their handprints and words of wisdom – the final product of which will eventually be displayed in a community space. Another mapping activity allowed seniors to pinpoint where in the community they make connections. MOSAIC’s very own seniors knitting circle took part in this year’s event as well, through guided knitting demonstrations and the selling of their finished products in an effort to fundraise for the program.

To encourage well-rounded participation throughout the day, all attendees were given passports, on which they were to collect stamps from each information and interactive booth. A total of 5 stamps would allow an individual to enter our lucky draw. In many ways, this was perhaps the most popular activity of them all!

Our 5th Annual Multicultural Seniors Day was a wonderful way to celebrate our seniors, and certainly a day to remember! Please browse the photos below, or click here to view the photos on Facebook.

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